FAQS-Frequently Asked Question

We Analysis your business profile as your business is unique and require special attention to each project therefore quotation may be Less or more. But we assure our customer to give best price with better feature and function. We Do Not Increase Price Later

Custom Design 8 to 12 Days and ready made Design 3 to 4 Days

Custom Design 20 to 30 Days for single vender and 1 month for Multivender and ready made Design projects at 7 to 10 Days

Website and App made in WEBQG platform are LICENSED theme and Clone Free codes. So there will no issue with copyrights, infrigments, Removals, Virus attacks & Does not occur error in your websites in long run

Our Maintenance charge is very Less, No Hidden Charges. Business website ₹499 and Ecommerce websites:₹999

Our company policy is that WE DO NOT CHARGE AGAIN, if customer want to make changes or want to add fews pages then its free suppport for our client.


Its our company responsibility if you have opted for backup service then we will be making your website or app live without any charges.