Privacy Policy

In technical parlance, the term privacy policy refers to a legal document that states the ways in which a party collects, utilizes, manages as well as discloses the data of the customer. What the privacy policy contains is something that depends on the law that is being currently enforced in the land or specific jurisdiction. We at Software Ji believe in the usage of our privacy policy. What is more important is the way or judiciousness through which we use it and as far as this site is concerned, we can vouch that the information collected here is authentic and solely owned by us. Whatever information that you provide us with remains with us. We collect or access information that is given to us voluntarily by our customers through direct means of contact or email. This is the information that Software Ji does not trade with any other body or third party involved. It is only at your request that we will get in touch with you through emails to inform you all about the special offers as well as new products or services that are lined up. We will also inform you all about the alterations in the privacy policy as well.
Do you want to Unsubscribe?
In case you want to unsubscribe, the process is a wee simple one to follow. At any given point of time, you can opt out of the contract by requesting for the same in our feedback form or mailing in a request to us.
Security Policies
Our company takes precautions to keep your particulars and information details protected. The personal information that you submit to us is sensitive and the method of submitting it (that is, through our web portal) is 100% security prone in online as well as offline capacities. Sensitive data like credit card info is collected by trustworthy vendors like Razor Pay and Google Checkout which are suitably encrypted. This is verified by checking out for a closed lock at the base of the web browser or searching up the ‘https’ symbol in the initials of the web address when you are conducting a transaction. Encryption may be used for protecting the security of sensitive information that is transmitted online. Offline security measures are also adopted. You can access the details only if you require it for carrying out a specific job like customer service or billing. Personally identifiable information is stored in password protected servers and computers which are further protected with a dependable hardware firewall.
Contact Form
If you want Software Ji to get in touch with you, fill out the online form with particular information like your name, e-mail id etc.
Our website is linked to other portals and you should remember that we are not responsible for the content contained therein. Our users should be aware of this and go through their privacy statements.
Changes in Privacy Policy
In case Software Ji updates its privacy policy, the information will be communicated to our customers through this website itself.